About the CMA

The Civic Music Association (CMA) of the Bosque Arts Center is dedicated to promoting music throughout our community and beyond.

The CMA aims to provide opportunities for all citizens–students and adults–to experience performances of the musical arts and to encourage the appreciation, education and development of individual and group talents.

The CMA supports the Bosque Chorale, Showcase of Young Musicians, Music Scholarships, Children’s Summer Music Camp,  and other events such as The Arts of Christmas and the McKenzie Malone Soprano and Ribeiro Piano Duo concerts. In addition, varied music performances are featured at each quarterly CMA meeting.

We welcome, encourage and appreciate your participation and help in enriching musical experiences in our community.

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2016 CMA Leadership:

  • Chairperson: Karen Thomasy
  • Vice Chair & Programs: Beth Fry
  • Secretary: Chanda Robertson
  • Treasurer: Joan Thoede
  • Bosque Chorale: Steve Watson 
  • Children’s Summer Music Camp: Vicky Ketchum
  • Showcase of Young Musicians: Phil Nacke
  • Scholarships: Don Thoede
  • Hospitality: Punky Penberthy
  • Bosque Chorale Music Director: David Anavitarte

About CMA from BAC HIGHLIGHTS publication:

Civic Music Association

The CMA was founded in January of 2009 and seeks to provide opportunities for all citizens – students and adults – to experience performances of the musical arts, and encourages the appreciation, education, and development of individual and group talents.
What we do:
-The CMA meets in the months of January, May, September, and November.
-Hold an annual summer music camp for kids who have completed grades 1-5.
-Provide a scholarship for a graduating senior who plans to continue musical study in college.
-Sponsor the Bosque Chorale, a volunteer group of singers from the community.

-Sponsor the Showcase of Young Musicans, an event which gives young musicians opportunities to show their musical talents and for the community to support them & contribute to the CMA Scholarhip program.
-Sponsor a variety of local music performances.
Here’s how you can be involved:
-Become a member of the CMA when you join the Bosque Arts Center.
-Become a Bosque Chorale patron, providing funding for concerts
-Attend our bi-monthly meetings and enjoy great music, food, and friendship.
-Attend concerts presented by the Bosque Chorale or perform as a singer. See below.
-Bring the young musicians in your life to Music Madness summer camp at the BAC.
-Take piano lessons from a one of several CMA member teachers
-Share your talents as a performer at a CMA meeting, or as a part of Christmas at the BAC.

For more information, call 254 675-3724 and check us out on Facebook!


Promoting music throughout our community and beyond!